event trading Pulse Options Weeklyby chris verhaegh

Benefits of Weeklys

  • weeklys are cheap, cheap, cheap,
  • have unlimited profit potential
  • are easily traded securities
  • offer tremendous leverage
  • consistent income every week
  • profitable way to exploit the news
  • high volume, high liquidity
  • low risk, solid value
  • no charts, no graphs
  • no technical analysis required


PULSE represents the 5 criteria for a winning Money From Nothing trade.
P   Potential for Profit
U   Upside Reward
L   Low Risk
S   Strategic Setup
E   Event / Entry & Exit

If you subscribe to the weekly PULSE Update, you can jump right to the last two criteria....

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Pulse Strategies

"Ready Freddy" Event Traders
From economic chaos in the Euro Zone and instability in the Middle East to political gridlock in Washington. Every single Friday presents opportunity. When the Weeklys expire, you get a huge event from which to profit!.
Automatic "Lazy Man" approach
you don’t wait until just before a big event… such as earnings, a government report, or expiration Friday… to place your trade. You place one non-directional trade, at your convenience, within a day or so after the new Weekly options are issued. Then you walk away and let it play out as it will.
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